Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alright, alright....

I have not slept. This afternoon will reach the forty-eight hour mark. But, let's take a look into the past again, shall we? Let's go back to the time Blue told me to "Try this."

My friend Richie had been cruising up and down a local river in a jon boat with a small car-battery powered motor. He'd been trying to convince Blue and I to go for a ride with him but as we felt we had better things to do, he eventually gave up.

At first thought, I was skeptical of intentional overdose on anything, let alone, cough medicine. But, I'd swallowed the pills. And, we waited.. After about an hour, curiosity began to surface in my ever skeptical mind as to if I had consumed enough of this drug to feel it's effects. Pondering this thought, I began to notice things around me. Leaves on branches that were swaying in the wind had begun to rock with a depth I could not have perceived just moments ago. I was suddenly very aware of my breathing as well as my eye movements. Unfortunately for me, this was all taking place right as we were about to steal Richie's boat.

Trying to ignore the ruffling feathers of a bird about a block away, I gently stepped into the boat, testing with one foot before climbing fully aboard and immediately feeling as though I'd fall out. Blue pushed off the dock and we lazily drifted away from the bank of the river. It was in this moment that I was able to truly appreciate the drug. I had never been so aware. From the confines of one's mind, the world will be perceived in a way. Enter dissociative. Viewing oneself in the world from afar alters one's perception of the world drastically. I was aware of every leaf shaking in the wind, every drop of sloshing water around my feet. Lilly pads! Had they always been so vividly green? The world was astounding to me. The term 'surreal' couldn't even hold it's weight. I was admiring the water rushing around my ankles when I realized that there was water rushing around my ankles. "Oh shit," Blue says all too calmly, seeming to be a million miles from here. He couldn't be in this boat. This boat was sinking! Only inches above the surface of the water, I decided to lay on my stomach and stretch my arms towards the riverbank. I grabbed onto the nearest lilly pad and using it as an anchor, pulled myself closer to the shore. Alternating hands and throwing uprooted pads behind me I reached a fallen tree that was hanging out onto the water. With a deep baritone bubbling, the boat sank beneath the surface. "Close call." Blue... From the tree above me. After meandering through the dark woods, falling into every sinkhole along the way, I suddenly stumbled onto someone's front yard. I stopped right there and dumped the mud from my formerly new FILA. From here, the night just kinda faded away into nothing. I awoke in my bed the next morning.

Eventual research informed me of a plug that's to be placed in such a boat as that one. Ahh, well... It'll never sink on anyone again.


  1. I've never been able to go past the 55 hour mark.

    You should keep the insomnia going and see how long before you go batshit insane. Good luck!


  2. robo trpping on a fuckin boat! holy shit. insane idea. last time i robo triped i realized the meaning of the universe, and that life is limited by light, and in the darkness all things are infinite.

  3. Glad to know that at least part of your trip was enjoyable.

  4. Damn dude cool text, but yeah you should sleep a bit more haha, i sleep about 6 hours p day :( following! Write back :)

  5. Cool story, at first I though you were imagining the boat sinking, but it actually was.

  6. so what's the best way to go robo trippin'? D: seems fun!

    turn off your word verification btw please

  7. I'd like to see more posts on your blog please.

  8. i would like to read more stuff like this thanks


  9. Ive hit 72 hours without sleep, and i was getting preety bored by then,